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    ... no 7689-03-4 Basic Information: Product Product name (+)-Camptothecin Synonyms 4-Ethyl-4-hydroxy-1H-pyrano-[3',4':6,7]indolizino[1,2-b]quinoline-3,14(4H,12H)-dione/ MAG-CPT;NSC 94600;(S)-(+)-Camptothecin;CPT CAS No. 7689-03-4 Molecular formula C20H16N2O4... more
    Brand Name:Hongkong Saichuang
    Model Number:Pharmaceutical raw material
    Place of Origin:China

    Camptothecin CPT Pharmaceutical Raw Materials white powder anti cancer cas no 7689-03-4

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    ...-Hydroxycamptothecin CAS 86639-52-3 ,Reference Substance 98%HPLC Pale yellow powder , favorable price Description: 7-Ethyl-10-Hydroxycamptothecin Product ID: E-0291 CAS Number 86639-52-3 Purity (HPLC) 98% Molecular Formula C22H20N2O5 ... more
    Place of Origin:HUBEI,CHINA

    7-Ethyl-10-Hydroxycamptothecin CAS 86639-52-3 ,Reference Substance 98%HPLC Pale yellow powder

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    ...Rice Crops Bio Agro Chemicals Pyrazosulfuron-ethyl 10% 20% WP CAS 93697-74-6 QUICK DETAILS Common name: Pyrazosulfuron-ethyl CAS No: 93697-74-6 Molecular Formula: C14H18N6O7S Mode of Action: Systemic herbicide, absorbed... more
    Brand Name:MOLOTUS
    Model Number:Pyrazosulfuron-ethyl 10% 20% WP
    Place of Origin:CHINA

    Rice Crops Bio Agro Chemicals Pyrazosulfuron-ethyl 10% 20% WP CAS 93697-74-6

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    ...CAS No.80-55-7 Fine Grade Active Product Ingredient ethyl 2-hydroxyisobutyrate Basic information of EHE - ethyl 2-hydroxyisobutyrate Name: ethyl 2-hydroxy-2-methylpropanoate / ethyl 2-hydroxyisobutyrate CAS# :80-55-7 EC#:201-290-3 Synonym :HBE Molecular ... more
    Brand Name:BeiLi
    Model Number:EHE.99F.C
    Place of Origin:China

    CAS No.80-55-7 Active Product Ingredient ethyl 2-hydroxyisobutyrate Colorless Liquid

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    ...-1-one, 3-ethyl-2-hydroxy-;2-Cyclopenten-1-one,3-ethyl-2-hydroxy-(7CI,8CI,9CI);3-ethyl-2-hydroxy-2-cyclopenten-1-on;FEMA 3152;ETHYL CYCLOPENTENOLONE;3-ETHYL-HYDROXY-2-CYCLOPENTEN-1-ONE;3-ETHYL-2-HYDROXY-2-CYCLOPENTEN-1-ONE;3-ETHYL-2-CYCLPENTEN-2-OL... more
    Place of Origin:China
    Minimum Order Quantity:1kg
    Price:USD 207/kg

    Good Quality 99% Ethyl Cyclopentenolone CAS: 21835-01-8

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    ... oleate Chinese alias: octadecenoate English name: Ethyl Oleate Ethyl (9E) -octadec-9-enoate; ethyl (9E) -octadec-9-enoate; ethyl (9E) -octadec-9- enoate; Enoate CAS Number: 111-62-6 [1] EINECS number: 203-889-5 Molecular formula: C20H38O2 ... more
    Brand Name:FOB
    Model Number:111-62-6[1]
    Place of Origin:CHINA

    Ethyl Oleate Light yellow transparent oily liquid preparation of surfactants spices

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    ...ethyl camptothecin is mainly used for derivative SN-38, Irinotecan( CPT-11,Topotecan, Exatecan and Lurtotecan for antineoplastic. Origin: Extracted camptothecin Molecular formula:C22H20N2O4 Molecular weight:376 Standard: In house Specification: >99%(... more
    Brand Name:maoyuan
    Place of Origin:China


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    ...antineoplastic agent,7-ethyl-camptothecin: Content (HPLC) is more than 99%,single impurity can be less than 0.5% It is derived from camptothecin, mainly used to derive SN-38, CPT-11. This product is straw... more
    Brand Name:maoyuanbio
    Place of Origin:China
    CAS No.:78287-27-1

    Antineoplastic,7-Ethyl-Camptothecin,Api,Herbal Extractions

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    ... 99.5% EA in 200kg galvanized steel drum cas 141-78-6 Ethyl Acetate CAS No.:141-78-6 1.Property Product Name Ethyl Acetate CAS No. 141-78-6 EINECS 205-500-4 Chemical formula C4H8O2 Purity... more
    Brand Name:SS
    Model Number:SS1610
    Place of Origin:Jiangsu

    Ethyl Acetate 99.5% min

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    ...pure 7-ethyl-10-hydroxy camptothecin sn-38 IMAHERB--As a professional herbal extract manufacture in China, we promise to provide High Quality Products with reasonable price for our honorable customers. Product name: 7-ethyl-10... more
    Brand Name:IMAHERB
    Model Number:sn-38
    Place of Origin:CHINA

    Gold Factory Supply pure 7-ethyl-10-hydroxy camptothecin sn-38 Felicia@imaherb.com

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    ... Extract Anti-cancer Camptothecin CAS:7689-03-4 Basic Information: Product Product name (+)-Camptothecin Synonyms 4-Ethyl-4-hydroxy-1H-pyrano-[3',4':6,7]indolizino[1,2-b]quinoline-3,14(4H,12H)-dione/ MAG-CPT;NSC 94600;(S)-(+)-Camptothecin;CPT CAS No... more
    Brand Name:Raydo
    Model Number:7689-03-4
    Place of Origin:China

    High Purity 98% Natural Camptotheca acuminata Extract Anti-cancer Camptothecin CAS:7689-03-4

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    ...Product name Ethyl-Hexedrone / Hex-en Formula C12H17NO Molecular weight 191.27 g/mol Compound purity 99% Appearance crystal ... more
    Brand Name:zwy
    Model Number:zwy478
    Place of Origin:China

    Top quality hexen / Hex-en / Ethyl-Hexedrone pwoder and crystal 99%min

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    ...Trival name : SN38, SN-38 Chemical name : 7-Ethyl-10-Hydroxy-20(S)-Camptothecin Molecular formula : C22H20N2O5 Molecular weight : 392.31 Appearance : Yellow crystalline powder Identification : IR, UV correspond ... more
    Brand Name:staherb
    Model Number:86639-52-3
    Place of Origin:CHINA


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    ...Chemical nature Chemical name Sodium 2-ethyl hexyl sulfonate. Molecular formula C8H17O4SNa Molecular weight 232.2 CAS No. 126-92-1 Properties Physical form ... more
    Brand Name:Jadechem
    Model Number:TC-EHS
    Place of Origin:China

    TC-EHS Sodium 2-ethyl hexyl sulfonate

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    ... inhibitor); however, there have been no scientific studies confirming this. Ethyl-hexedrone is closely related to hexedrone, with an added ethyl group on the terminal amine. This addition makes it about 3x more
    Place of Origin:HK
    Minimum Order Quantity:100g

    Supply High Quality Of HEX-EN (Ethyl-Hexedrone)

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    ...Quick Details: ProName: Ethyl 5-chloro-2-indolecarboxylate CasNo: 4792-67-0 Molecular Formula: C11H10ClNO2 Appearance: White powder Application: Pharmaceutical Intermediates Port: ... more
    Brand Name:Oster
    Model Number:4792-67-0
    Place of Origin:China

    Ethyl 5-chloro-2-indolecarboxylate CAS 4792-67-0

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    ...CD-3 Chemical name: N4-Ethyl-N4(2-methansulfonamidoethyl)-2-methyl-1,4-phenylendiamine(sesquisulfate,Monohydrate) Synonyms: 4-(N-Ethyl-N-2-methanesulfonylaminoethyl) -2-methylphenylenediamine 1.5-H2SO4, 1-H2O CAS # 24567-76-8, (25646-71-3) EINECS # 247-161... more
    Model Number:CD-3
    Place of Origin:China

    CD-3 4-(N-Ethyl-N-2-methanesulfonylaminoethyl) -2-methylphenylenediamine 1.5-H2SO4, 1-H2O

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    ... diagnostic reagent, biological medicine and chemical research in life 68399-81-5 2-hydroxy-3-[[2-hydroxy-1,1-bis(hydroxymethyl)ethyl]amino]propanesulphonic acid product Name 2-hydroxy-3-[[2-hydroxy-1,1-bis(hydroxymethyl... more
    Minimum Order Quantity:1kg
    Payment Terms:T/T
    Supply Ability:10 ton per month

    2-hydroxy-3-[[2-hydroxy-1,1-bis(hydroxymethyl)ethyl]amino]propanesulphonic acid(cas:68399-81-5)

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    OxiracetaM iMpurity D More information about CAS 62613-81-4 | ethyl 4-hydroxy-2-oxopyrrolidine-1-acetate, please feel free to inquiry us. more
    CAS Number:62613-81-4
    Molecular Formula:C8H13NO4

    CAS 62613-81-4 | ethyl 4-hydroxy-2-oxopyrrolidine-1-acetate

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    ... Synonyms: (Ethoxycarbonyl)hydrazide;(Monocarbethoxy)hydrazine;1-(Carbethoxy)hydrazine;1-(Ethoxycarbonyl)hydrazine;1-carbethoxyhydrazine;Carbethoxyhydrazine;ethoxycarbonylhydrazide;Ethyl carbazinate CAS: 4114-31-2 MF: C3H8N2O2 MW: 104.11 EINECS: 223-903... more
    Brand Name:Huajia Chemical
    Place of Origin:China
    Minimum Order Quantity:25kg

    Ethyl carbazate|CAS NO. 4114-31-2|Carbethoxyhydrazine|99%|White crystalline powder|Ningbo Huajia Chemical Co., Ltd.

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